Enhancing pipeline integrity

Enhancing pipeline integrity

Snapshot interview with Saudi Aramco’s Mr. Mohanned Waleed Tarabzouni, a plenary speaker at the Valve World Conference 2016.

Set for 29th November to 1st December, the Valve World Conference 2016 will again be a platform where valve professionals from all sides of the industry come together to debate and discuss topical subjects such as fugitive emissions, maintenance, control valves, actuation, standards, etc.

As ever, the scene will be set by plenary speakers who will address the entire audience at the start of each day. And the line-up for 2016 is certainly rich in experience and diversity, boasting valve experts from Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.

In fact, the very first key note presentation, starting at 09:30 on Tuesday, 29th November, will be given by Mr. Mohanned Waleed Tarabzouni, who is a Piping & Valves Engineer with Saudi Aramco.

The title of his paper is: Enhancing pipelines integrity through proper preventive maintenance of valves, and this is clearly a topic which Mr Tarabzouni can discuss with authority.

When asked to elaborate on his talk, he comments: "I’ll be talking about valve preventive maintenance and how it plays a big role in enhancing the overall pipeline integrity. Several valve failure consequences and associated risks will be discussed to show the importance of preventive maintenance practices and programs."

This is an important topic, he says, because valves are the main protection components of any pipeline. "Therefore, valves should always be properly maintained, monitored and kept functional in order to ensure safe and smooth operations. A preventive maintenance program is one of the main methods to ensure valves integrity and reliability."

As maintenance is such a fundamental issue to valve users his talk will undoubtedly draw a lot of attention. Asked who would particularly benefit from being in the audience, Mr Tarabzouni replies as follows: "I would say that engineers and technicians of mechanical and process engineering will benefit. Maintenance, operation, design and projects personnel will certainly find added value as well."

Maintenance sessions

Maintenance will continue to be a key topic throughout the Valve World Conference 2016, with two separate sessions dedicated to the topic.

On the Tuesday morning, for example, speakers will be discussing topics such as premature failures of isolation valves, condition and performance monitoring, valve servicing experiences and a comparison of triple offset and gate valves.

In fact, Mr Tarabzouni will again be a presenter in this session, where he will be discussing a case study involving the premature failures of new trap isolation valves.

In the second maintenance session, set for the Wednesday afternoon, talks will be given on testing motor-operated valves, adjusting pressure safety valves and finally on renewing soft seat inserts.

To learn more about these and the many other plenaries, papers sessions, workshops, networking opportunities, etc, at the Valve World Conference, please do visit the website pages and read the Advance Conference Programme.

Dhahran - Saudi Aramco

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