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Valve World Focus On: 3 events at 1 location

On Feb 24-25, 2021, KCI is bringing three events together at one location: Valve World Focus On will share the same space as Duplex World and Heat Exchanger World in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
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Article by Lucien Joppen

It's your chance to maximize your visit (and your budget) by mingling with colleagues from different industries under one roof—meet and greet decision makers from the valve and stainless steel industries, with attendees and exhibitors from the LNG, oil & gas, chemical sectors, and many more!

The events will take place at RDM, located in the industrial heart of Rotterdam’s bustling docklands – one of the busiest industrial locations in the world. Valve World Focus On 2021 will provide the valve community a time effective, convenient, efficient and practical knowledge exchange platform.

The 2-day conference will focus on fugitive emissions on Day 1 and smart maintenance on Day 2. On the first day, Dave Anderson (Score Group) will talk about a systemic and fully integrated approach to managing fugitive emissions. On the 2nd day, a workshop, chaired by Muktiadi Rahardjo from Shell and moderated by Jan Peter Sanderse from ExxonMobil will focus on various topics such as external leakage, stuck or jerky valves, internal leakage and on-site repair and maintenance.

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