Valve World Series 2021

Valve World Series 2021 header

A combined program of technical articles, carefully selected per topic, and three webinars. With this initiative, Valve World has created an interesting mix of print and online knowledge transfer to our readership.

Live Webinars

First of all, we will organize workshop webinars on three interesting topics: additive manufacturing, counterfeiting/brand piracy, and check valve selection and sizing, see the overview below. These webinars will be open to an audience who will be able to interact with the moderator and the presenters.

Valve World will communicate via print and online (website, Linked In Group page) how to register for these webinars.

Technical Program

technical program Secondly, we have devised a technical program consisting of insightful articles, preceded by an introductory article. These specials have been planned in from Valve World March 2021 until the September-edition of 2021. Nevertheless, you will get a subscription for the entire year on Valve World magazine, world’s leading publication on valves and actuators. For an overview of the articles per magazine, please download this PDF document (143 kB).

If you wish to register for this event, please visit our registration page. The entire package (3 webinars and the full technical profile, which features in Valve World magazine) is available for 95 euro.

Please click the name of each Webinar to learn more about it!

Webinar 1: Check valve sizing & selection, more than meets the eye (May 20, 2021)

Check valve Several applications require properly sized and selected check valves. The intention of this session is to discuss what is required for these specific non-return valves. This from the point of view of manufacturers, engineering contractors and end-users.

Marty van Tilburg

Marty van Tilburg (Moderator)

Process Control Engineer Valves, Sitech Services BV
Topic: Check valve sizing: perspective from an end-user


Bruno Martin

Bruno Martin

Piping material expert, Technip FMC
Topic: EPC experience special check valves management
Jans Schreuder

Jans Schreuder

Product Manager, Mokveld Valves
Topic: Check valve sizing: a crucial method
Albert Snippert

Albert Snippert

Country Sales Manager, Hoerbiger Benelux
Topic: Focus on critical/pulsating gas applications
Webinar 2: Counterfeiting/brand piracy (May 31, 2021)

Counterfeiting and brand piracy This workshop focusses on the origins of product counterfeiting and brand piracy and how companies can defend their intellectual property.

Alexander Gangnus

Alexander Gangnus (Moderator)

Dennemeyer Consulting
Topic: Setting the scene


Dr Gertrud Eppler

Dr Gertrud Eppler

IP Manager, Burkert Fluid Control Systems
Topic: IP strategy and experiences at Bürkert
Elvin Feng

Elvin Feng

Vice-President, Neway Valve
Topic: China and its changed approach to IP
Gobind Khiani

Gobind Khiani

Operations Engineering, Enbridge Pipelines
Topic: Counterfeiting in Casting
Webinar 3: Additive manufacturing (June 16, 2021)

3D part manufactured by NelesThis workshop focusses on the limitations and possibilities of Additive Manufacturing in various stages of the supply chain and for various applications. Special attention is given to quality assurance and standardisation.

Onno Pontfoort

Onno Pontfoort (Moderator)

Strategy Consultant, Berenschot
Topic: Additive Manufacturing (AM) in reality: an introduction


Carlo de Bernardi

Carlo de Bernardi

Additive Manufacturing Lead, ConocoPhilips
Topic: AM in the Energy Industry: Opportunities and Challenges
Jukka Borgman

Jukka Borgman

Director Technology Development, Neles
Topic: Neles' digital garage
Valeria Tirelli and Luisa Mondora

Valeria Tirelli

CEO, Aidro Hydraulics & 3D Printing

Luisa Mondora
CEO, Valland

Topic: Additive Manufacturing: Material properties and design optimization in valve components