Valve World Focus On 2021

Valve World Focus On 2021
Welcome to Valve World Focus On - a dedicated, topic-specific conference and commercial platform.

Valve World Focus On events will focus on two chosen topics which have a specific relevance in the current valve industry and can be supported by and be most interesting to, the region in which it will be hosted.

Join the first Valve World Focus On!

24th & 25th February, 2021
RDM Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The inaugural Valve World Focus On will focus on:
  • Fugitive Emissions
  • Smart Maintenance.
Location: Rotterdam.
RDM Rotterdam is located in the industrial heart of Rotterdam’s bustling docklands – one of the busiest industrial locations in the world. Well known for a concentration of petrochemical, oil & gas, LNG industries, Rotterdam (Pernis) is one of the three largest fuel hubs in the world receiving global traffic from areas including the North Sea region, Russia and the Middle East.

RDM Rotterdam

2 Day Conference:
  • Workshops/Presentations held in an open forum
  • Invited Speakers
  • Dedicated topic per day:
    Day one – Fugitive Emissions,
    Day two – Smart Maintenance (including smart valves, monitoring, and IIOT)
  • Conference Delegates can choose 1 Day and 2 Day Tickets – Tickets provide access to the conference and commercial area
Commercial Platform:
  • Table-Tops offered including: lunch & refreshments each day and access to all presentations and workshops.
  • Table-Top details will follow later.
Valve World Focus On Rotterdam 2021, aims to provide the valve community with a convenient and time effective, topic-specific event which both facilitates a very efficient and practical knowledge exchange AND provides a directly relevant commercial platform.

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Conference Organizer
Mrs Kiyo Ichikawa
Tel: +31 575 789 260

Sales & Marketing
Ms Atsumi Sato
Tel: +31 575 585 272
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