Review 2018

Plenty of highlights at Valve World 2018

Held from 27 to 29 November 2018 in Düsseldorf, Germany, the Valve World Conference and Expo again scored highly amongst delegates, visitors and exhibitors alike, thanks to the unique concentration of flow control expertise in a single location.
Opening the Valve World 2018 Conference, the chairman Mr. Wojciech Zmudzinski welcomed the audience and then pondered on their reasons for attending. Certainly, he said, this was a great place to meet colleagues, see suppliers, and in some cases even competitors in a single place. 

Those looking for new products and an update on the latest developments were also in for an eventful time, he noted. But more than this, he trusted that delegates were here to contribute to helping the valve and actuator industry to speed up the rate of development, and in doing so to contribute to solving some of the key global challenges facing us all. 

He therefore urged delegates to share their thoughts freely on for example ways to combat fugitive emissions, to help develop the next generation of high-pressure valves, to see how to enhance reliability and to explore the potential of digital technology. 

He also said industry should do more to encourage younger engineers to join this fine profession and to promote gender equality. Finally, he exhorted one and all to look ahead. “What will the world be like just ten years from now? Will we be using 3-D printing to produce complex optimized shapes? perhaps intelligent valves and actuators will tell us when they need to be repaired or replaced. let’s start working today to make our dreams for tomorrow a reality.”