Valve World presents Valve Essentials

Valve World has recently presented a number of successful Valve Essentials courses throughout Europe and will continue to do so in the near future. New venues are being selected. If you wish to be kept up to date on a course near you, send an email to our sales people (email addresses at the bottom of the page) and check back here regularly.

About the course:

The Valve World Essentials course is ideal for (relative) valve newcomers who need a fast-track, authoritative understanding of valves and their usage. For absolute beginners, the “Headstart” section of our website will ensure you arrive at the course ready to hit the ground running.

There are currently no courses available.

stem seals

Topics covered:

  • Basic introduction to flow control
  • Quarter-turn valves: ball, plug and butterfly valves
  • Multi-turn valves: gate, globe, needle, pinch and diaphragm valve
  • Self-acting valves: check valves
  • Common design features: more details on end connections, gaskets, bonnets, stems, stem seals, seats, backseats, trims, etc
  • Valve applications: overview of valves in key areas such as oil & gas production and transportation, refining, LNG, power generation, chemical processing and utility lines
  • Valve topics: ratings, materials, testing, standards, actuation and many more
  • Problems, installation and maintenance
plug valve options

Attendees receive:

  • Full day’s tuition
  • Lunch, snacks and drink
  • Certificate of completion
  • Valve Essentials Workbook containing the complete presenter's note
  • Printed copy of Valve World magazine
  • Digital subscription to Valve World magazine for 1 year

Who should attend:

  • Professionals looking for a generalized outline of valves and valve applications
  • People looking to refresh and update their valve knowledge base
  • Valve distributors and manufacturers’ sales representatives looking to expand their understanding of the products
  • Newcomers in the valve industry with no a technical or engineering background

Additional information

For questions about courses in the Netherlands, Italy and Spain, please contact Mehmet Erel at, tel: 0031 575 585 270.

For questions about courses in Brazil and USA, please contact Lindsay Jackson at, tel: 001 416 361 7030.
For questions about courses in Germany, please contact Ulf Gerber at, tel: 0049 2821 711 45 50.