Alfa Laval unique DV-ST UltraPure valve range

22 July 2021

To meet the rising demand for more efficient aseptic processing, Alfa Laval is extending its range of Unique DV-ST UltraPure diaphragm valves. The all-new range comes with slimmer actuators and optimized lightweight cast valve bodies with options for unbeatably economical operation. The enhanced DV-ST UltraPure range is fully customizable to meet virtually any aseptic process requirement across the food and pharmaceutical industries. 

Slimmer, space-saving actuators, and lightweight cast valve bodies for optimized performance are the innovations behind the enhanced DV-ST UltraPure range. These smaller aseptic diaphragm valves deliver big – from the lower total cost of ownership to tangible sustainability gains.

“These enhancements make our Unique DV-ST UltraPure diaphragm valves second to none,” says Paw Kramer, Portfolio Manager, Valves and Automation, Alfa Laval.

The new stainless steel slim (SS/SL) DV-ST UltraPure actuator is 42% lighter, 25% more compact, and 17% shorter in height than most actuators. Another plus: it is more energy-efficient due to reduced air consumption. Tested to perform a million strokes without service, these fully welded, maintenance-free actuators handle a wide range of pressures. Options include a stroke limiter, economical valve position indication, and comprehensive automated valve sensing and control.

Joining the DV-ST UltraPure family of valve bodies is the new ASME BPE-compliant Cast OP. Engineered based on computational fluid dynamics analysis, it is 36% lighter in weight, on average, than the standard cast valve body and features a much smaller seat size. This translates into benefits including: reduced installation costs due to smaller footprint; faster, more energy-efficient cleaning cycles because there’s less steel to heat for sterilization in place; lower total cost of ownership due to smaller diaphragms, handles, and/or actuators; and, safe, simple, low-cost maintenance.