Summit Meghnaghat-II welcomes GE’s HA gas turbine

14 June 2021

Summit Meghnaghat II Power Company Limited (SMIIPCL) and GE have successfully placed GE 9HA.01 gas turbine on the foundation of the 583 MW combined-cycle gas power plant (CCPP) in Meghnaghat. When commissioned in 2022, SMIIPCL is expected to be the largest combined cycle gas power plant (CCPP) in Bangladesh, generating the equivalent electricity needed to supply up to 700,000 homes in Bangladesh. This project is the single largest private sector power project investment in Bangladesh. 

GE’s HA technology has been recognized with two world records for efficiency in both 50 hz and 60 hz segments of the power industry. Higher efficiency levels mean that less fuel needs to be consumed and that there are fewer emissions per megawatt of electricity generated. GE’s H-class is also the fastest-growing fleet of gas turbines in the world in its class. Over its lifecycle, the total cost of ownership is the lowest in the industry driven by lower Capex, simplified configuration, decreased fuel cost from industry-leading efficiency, and extended maintenance intervals, and reduced maintenance cost for H-Class technology.

Under the turnkey EPC contract, the equipment to be provided by GE for this power project includes one 9HA.01 gas turbine, one three-pressure level with reheater (RH) drum type Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG), one steam turbine, one gas turbine generator, one steam turbine generator, one condenser, and associated systems, along with the balance of plant (BOP) solutions. Additionally, GE will be providing maintenance and repair services for the gas turbine and generator over 22 years.