Proline Promag W 800 electromagnetic flowmeter

14 June 2021

The Proline Promag W 800 flowmeter delivers reliable and maintenance-free volume measurement of drinking and process water, especially in areas without a supply of power. 

The extraction and transport of water often take place in remote areas where there is no possibility to supply measuring instruments with power or to transmit data via wired connectivity. It is precisely for such applications that Endress+Hauser has developed the innovative Promag W 800 flowmeter with the battery-powered operation. It provides maintenance-free operation for up to 15 years, as well as worldwide secure data transfer via cellular radio.

The Promag W 800 electromagnetic flowmeter ensures not only reliable monitoring of water supply networks but also efficient and time-saving maintenance. Leaks can be located reliably, and non-billable water losses (non-revenue water) can be avoided.

Promag W 800 is suitable for measuring lake, river, spring, or groundwater flows for drinking and process water, as well as for applications in distribution networks subject to fiscal metering. Likewise of great importance are consumption measurements when irrigating the frequently huge agricultural areas in climatic dry regions.

Promag W 800 has a backlit display, making it quick and easy to read measured values. Endress+Hauser’s SmartBlue app can be used to interact with the flowmeter for operations, and to provide more comprehensive data retrieval on-site. It is also available with various drinking water approvals such as KTW/W270, WRAS BS6920, ACS, or NSF 61.