OHL Gutermuth expands its global activities

05 April 2021

The manufacturer of special industrial valves OHL Gutermuth from Altenstadt has expanded its global activities and now supplies its products to almost all the major solar projects around the world. Thanks to its many years of experience in the solar industry, the company can guarantee unparalleled safety with its individually developed valves, even under the most extreme conditions. In the future-driven market for renewable energy, customers around the globe benefit from the exceptionally high, long-lasting quality of the OHL Gutermuth valves, as well as the specialist expertise and service provided by the company. 

For the solar sector, OHL Gutermuth developed an innovative series of valves at an early stage, with which the company has been able to continually strengthen its market leadership. OHL Gutermuth’s numerous customers have repeatedly confirmed that the company’s tailor-made solutions ensure an unparalleled level of safety whether in the field of CSP (concentrated solar power), which essentially consists of parabolic trough systems, or Molten Salt tower systems. At extremely high temperatures of up to 780 degrees and pressures of up to 180 bar, special pumps, tanks, and heat exchangers are particularly important, and these all require specially customised valves.