PNEUTON™ controls for offshore application

22 February 2021

PNEUTON™ engineering team has recently completed the 3D model for its next contract. This 10#300 ball valve has been automated with a DVG ‘QTPS’ series scotch yoke single acting pneumatic actuator c/w a closed-loop breather system and fitted with a WESTLOCK Valve Position Monitor. 

On this occasion, the PNEUTON™ controls for offshore application will be remotely mounted within a 316L stainless steel cabinet.

The project specifications required the use of 316L stainless steel instrument tubing with a thermoplastic polyurethane jacket (TPU), providing increased protection against galvanic and atmospheric corrosion. The heat-shrink adhesive-lined sleeves provide a means of sealing the tube-fitting interface junction, for high integrity insulation. It is destined for use offshore on an FPSO.