Clariant awarded a second Catofin Catalyst contract

27 July 2020

Clariant announced a second contract win for its CATOFIN catalysts with Dongguan Grand Resource Technology (DGR) in Dongguan, China. The company based its decision on the successful startup of its 600 KTA CATOFIN propane dehydrogenation (PDH) unit in October 2019. 
Together, both PDH units will represent 1.2 million metric tons annually of additional annual propylene capacity. Since 2017, CATOFIN Technology has now been selected for a majority of new PDH awards globally, representing 22 new PDH plants, or more than 15 million metric tons of propylene annually. 

Used to produce more than 10 million metric tons of olefins annually, CATOFIN is increasingly selected for its higher production, reliability, and return on investment. The catalyst is proven to provide reliable operation at high on-stream conditions (typically above 98%) and enable production significantly beyond design capacity (up to 110% on average). These benefits are further enhanced by the inclusion of Clariant’s innovative Heat Generating Material in the process. The proprietary material produces heat inside the catalyst bed, which helps to increase selectivity and yield while reducing energy costs and carbon dioxide emissions. Consequently, propylene producers can benefit from faster returns on their investments and highly profitable day-to-day operations.