Custom valve opening conditions in Autonomous Valve CFD

27 July 2020

The simulationHub product development team is here with the updated feature of custom valve opening conditions in the Autonomous Valve CFD app. simulationHub’s Autonomous Valve CFD app undergoes constant up-gradation. These upgrades are usually based on the feedback that it gets from its customers. Recently the product was updated with a new feature which has improved the selection of custom valve opening conditions. 

A complete performance curve for a valve contains valve coefficients from fully closed to a fully open condition. Autonomous Valve CFD app provides the users the choice between 1 to 18 opening conditions for their CFD simulations. The accuracy of the performance curve depends on the number of opening conditions considered for performance evaluation. This becomes of greater importance when certain valves that have peak performance values at intermediate openings instead of the max opening condition. This is usually seen in the case of the Coefficient of Hydrodynamic Torque values for butterfly valves and Cv values for offset butterfly valves. So, the selection of intermediate opening conditions plays a vital role in understanding the true nature of a performance curve.