FAB Valve becomes Elmac’s bestselling product for 2020

29 June 2020

Back in March, when Elmac launched its first Flame Arrester/Breather Valve combination known as the FAB Valve™ Series, it knew that this would be one of the most successful products in its expanding portfolio. 

The customers had identified the need for a cost-effective solution for tank storage applications that required the use of both an end-of-line flame arrester and a pressure/vacuum relief (or breather) valve. The talented scientists and engineers in the New Product Development team set to work and designed a solution that incorporated a RE-Flow™ Deflagration Flame Arrester and an integral Pressure & Vacuum Relief Valve. The resulting Flame Arrester Breather or FAB ValveTM delivers exactly what had been requested a high-performance, lightweight, and cost-effective solution that is both patent-protected and quite simply, the best on the market.

The lower cost of fossil fuels has also brought about increased demand for additional storage. As a consequence, new tanks are being built, and old ones re-purposed, at record levels and this is where the FAB ValveTM comes into its own. It has been designed and developed to protect tanks and process equipment from excessive pressure and vacuum and also from atmospheric deflagrations. However, its unique and lightweight design also facilitates easy installation and simple maintenance, as the flame arrester element can be visually checked for blockages without having to be dismantled.

The new FAB Valve™ Series incorporates Elmac’s E-Flow™ enhanced crimped ribbon technology in the flame arrester element. The channel dimensions of the elements are optimised for deflagration protection whilst ensuring world-leading pressure drop and flow performance characteristics, with minimal maintenance requirements. In the event of external ignition, the flame arrester prevents the flame transmission from entering the piping systems and tanks.