YFL wear-resistant ceramic V-shape ball calves

29 June 2020

Glencore has placed lots of repeat orders of the ceramic V-port ball valves to solve abrasion and corrosion problems in the Nickel hydrometallurgical process. 

The new repeated orders of 8pcs of PN16 DN50 wear-resistant and anti-corrosive ceramic V-notch ball valves have been finished.

The detailed materials specifications are: Body: F316 with Al2O3 ceramic lining; V-notch Ball: ZrO2 ceramic; Seat: Al2O3 ceramic; Stem: Titanium Grade 2; Bushing: Al2O3 ceramic; and Adaptor lining: Al2O3 ceramic.

The ball valves are fully lined with ceramic which has excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance due to extreme high hardness and chemical stability, so the ceramic ball valves are widely used for abrasive and corrosive slurry with solid particles.

These ceramic V-port ball valves will be installed in a new process to control the distribution of abrasive slurry containing nickel chloride to different consumers. This process is very important and cannot tolerate any downtime. The ceramic ball valves with reliable top-class quality will solve abrasion and corrosion problems, work reliably to save maintenance cost, and reduce shutdown loss for customers.