Shell & Wood sign an exclusive agreement

25 March 2020

Wood has signed an exclusive agreement with Shell Catalysts & Technologies (Shell) to provide, implement, and support their Smart Choke technology for oil and gas operators globally, helping producers optimise operations, extend asset life, and mitigate costly downtime. The Smart Choke is a low-cost, active slug suppression device for pipeline-riser systems. 

Announced recently at the Australasian Oil & Gas Subsea (AOG) event in Perth, Australia, Shell has selected Wood as the exclusive partner to implement its Smart Choke technology to optimise upstream oil and gas production industry-wide.

Wood’s demonstrated understanding, proven execution methodology, and successful record of using Smart Choke has reduced payback periods from months to weeks.

As hydrocarbon production assets mature, the accumulation and slugging of liquid can result in integrity and operational issues. These operational issues can lead to environmental impacts, high replacement costs, significant downtime, and potentially even more severe abandonment costs for assets nearing the end of their operating life.

The technology Shell has developed leverages proprietary algorithms to control a Smart Choke to minimize severe volumes of liquid. Smart Choke is demonstrated and reliable technology as one of the very few systems to be field-proven.

This exclusive agreement between Shell and Wood will facilitate the wider implementation of the field- demonstrated the technology in suppressing riser induced slugging, the provision of real-time monitoring solutions, and solidifying partnerships to enable cost optimisation and successful delivery.