Trelleborg’s new digitized pipeline protection products

23 March 2020

Trelleborg’s offshore operation has unveiled its new digitized monitoring technology for pipeline protection ancillaries, with product demonstrations on show at Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) Houston, TX. 

This new digitized monitoring technology provides insight through integrated electronic sensors, that can communicate directly via a user-friendly ‘digital technician’ app, giving access to pre- and post-dive data, as well as on-the-spot installation guides, product information and training support.

By reliably monitoring and quantifying riser and pipeline stress and strain, the solution provides continuous performance modelling capabilities to support product life extension, realizing value and carbon reduction opportunities through design and operational efficiency.

Trelleborg’s new digital solutions are easily accessible, deployable and recoverable, with the option to be both retrofitted on existing equipment or integrated with new risers and flowlines. For greenfield installations and drilling applications, the technology can be seamlessly embedded into Trelleborg’s pipeline protection products such as VIV strakes, subsea buoyancy, bend stiffeners, and thermal insulation, providing a simple, cost-effective solution without the need for specialist attachment support.