Proportional flow control valve

14 February 2020

The existing proportional flow control valve is extended with the variant of a normally open function. With the normally open valve characteristic, the controlled volume flow is reduced with increasing solenoid current, while the normally closed variant increases the volume flow with increasing solenoid current. The proportional flow control valve is suitable for precise feed control systems, where the consumer flow has to be maintained constant independently of the input and output pressure.

The proportional valve can continuously adjust volume flows between 0.1 l/min and max. 25 l/min via the solenoid current at an input pressure of max. 350 bar. The sophisticated armature bearings, together with the coated and precisely tuned valve components, result in a very finely adjustable volume flow with low hysteresis. The hardened and polished valve components result in minimum wear and guarantee a long service life. For optimum use in the application, various flow ranges are available for the normally closed version. A 3.2 l/min range is available for the normally open version.

The outer parts of the valve are zinc-nickel coated and therefore provide very high corrosion protection. The normally open valve with the designation Q_PPM22 is available as a 2-way function in an M22 cavity according to ISO 7789 and can be operated with all Wandfluh standard and special solenoid coils of size 35 mm. A solenoid coil with integrated electronics is also available and enables setting and adjusting the valve at the factory.