SAUTER Smart Actuator with predictive maintenance

12 February 2020

The Smart Actuator enables the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning regulation to be performed, autonomously. SAUTER provides cloud-based configuration data for controlling various components heating and cooling circuits, ventilation system heating and cooling registers, and heated and chilled ceilings in the many rooms. Commissioning then follows through simple configuration in the MobileApp. Operating data is visualised graphically via the SAUTER Cloud, allowing operation to be optimised online with this sophisticated app.

In the simplest case the wireless network (WLAN) is used, with the SAUTER Smart Actuator conveniently integrated directly into the cloud. Small plant operators in particular benefit from smartphone monitoring and control of their systems through the SAUTER Cloud. Further communication interfaces offer users connection options for all applications. This flexible Smart Actuator features RS-485 and WiFi interfaces, allowing integration in BMS networks. If a BMS (building management system) network already exists, integration is possible through BACnet/IP, MS/TP or even Modbus. Two universal I/Os enable more sensors or actuators to be connected. The optional I/O box can extend the range of applications: the Smart Actuator then regulates the energy flow in individual room control or heating or cooling generation with automatic hydronic balancing, for example.

SAUTER Cloud Services range from commissioning to plant monitoring (inspection) to optimisation (adjustments) and predictive maintenance. Central to these services is continuous inspection. This is possible through additional sensors on the Smart Actuator that record information on its state which is then transferred to the SAUTER Cloud. Here the data is analysed by comparing it to reference values. The actuator’s current state can thus be retrieved at any time, allowing maintenance work to be scheduled in a timely manner.