Kinetrol new model 60 rotary vane actuator

02 December 2019

Kinetrol introduces its new Model 60 Actuator which will now increase the torque capability of the Kinetrol range to 356,977-inch pounds.

Kinetrol Model 60 Feature and Options are: Double-Acting and Spring-Return options; 2” Air ports as standard; Standard working temperature range from -40°F to +176°F; Angle of travel adjustable from 80 to 100 degrees; Displaced volume is 6284 in³; Weight (less coupling): 998.7 pounds; Coupling weight is 48.5 pounds; VLS / ULS / XLS Limit Switch Box options; AP Positioner options; and ATEX Category 2 approved.

Kinetrol Model 60 Materials of Construction are: Casing: Sand cast aluminum alloy; Vane & Output shaft: SG Iron, zinc plated; Shaft bushes: PTFE coated bronze; Seals: Molded polyurethane; Seal expenders: Stainless spring steel; and Coupling: Weldable mild steel, zinc plated.