Techcon launches new TS9800 series jet valve

11 November 2019

Techcon, the precision fluid dispensing technologies company, announces the launch of its new TS9800 Series Jet Valve Dispensing System that includes the TS9800 Piezo-actuated jet valve and TS980 Smart Controller. Unlike pneumatic jet valves and other contact dispensing solutions, the TS9800 Jet Valve utilizes Piezo, non-contact jetting technology for increased speed and reduced scrap during the dispensing process.

The Techcon TS9800 Jet Valve provides ultra-fast dispensing speeds and the capability to dispense dots and lines as small as 0.5nL at up to 1500 Hz continuous and 2000 Hz max bursts for higher throughput on a wide range of fluid types and viscosities.

Typical applications include Edge sealing, end sealing of LCDs and OLEDs; Die bonding, frame bonding for camera module assembly; Jetting silicone phosphor in the LED assembly process; Jetting underfill in micro-electronic package applications on PCBAs; and Jetting micro dots of UV adhesive in medical device applications.

Modular design characteristics such as an external power source provide lower maintenance costs of the system. The TS980 Smart Controller offers a friendly user-interface and touch screen for faster setup and is Industry 4.0 compliant for remote access and control over Ethernet networks.