VNG raises the bar on lowering emissions

06 November 2019

Virginia Natural Gas (VNG) announced that it aims to be the first natural gas utility in America to provide its customers with natural gas that is 100% sourced, transported and distributed by companies that have pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to less than 1% across the natural gas value chain. And as a down payment on that pledge, it announced a deal to source a large percentage of its annual gas consumption from such companies starting this year.

VNG will begin purchasing one-fifth of its customers’ annual natural gas supply from select wells operated by Southwestern Energy (SWN).

A natural gas industry-led organization, ONE Future is dedicated to voluntarily achieving meaningful reductions in methane emissions across the natural gas supply chain. Members are focused on achieving a science-based average rate of methane emissions that is equal to 1% or less of total natural gas production by 2025. VNG’s distribution system and all the interstate transportation pipelines that serve it participate in the ONE Future program. The purchase of next-generation gas reflects VNG’s desire to help move the market in this direction, a first of its kind from well head to burner tip, and the method by which VNG aspires to source all its gas by 2025.

In addition, the gas from this purchase is from SWN wells that have been certified through the Independent Energy Standards Corporation Trustwell™ Responsible Gas Program. The program’s goal is to manage emissions and produce natural gas in a more sustainable way that produces an even cleaner fuel using an independent, third-party rating system for gas wells or entire asset bases.