AB-QM 4.0 PICV for smart buildings

21 October 2019

After 15 years of successful collaboration, Danfoss is starting to say goodbye to one of its most acknowledged products in HVAC heating and cooling systems, the AB-QM Pressure Independent Balancing and Control Valve (PICV). AB-QM and its pressure independent functionality totally changed the market of hydronic balancing and control valves for terminal units in non-residential buildings.

Danfoss is proud to introduce its successor; AB-QM 4.0, the new PICV with re-defined value for HVAC designers, building owners, and building users. The valves are designed for use in combination with conventional actuators or the Danfoss NovoConĀ® S digital actuator. In particular, they enable HVAC 4.0 solutions in smart commercial building concepts such as hotels or offices.