Stafsjö introduce new rubber valve seat compound FEPM

21 October 2019

Stafsjö announces the arrival of the new rubber valve seat compound FEPM for use on WB11, WB14 and specifically to the full stainless steel high-performance WB14E. Initially, it has been released for sizes DN 80/3” – DN 300/12” (except for DN 125/5”).

The FEPM seat material has excellent resistance to a wide range of aggressive chemicals, both acids, and bases, and steam at high continuous service temperatures within -10 °C/14 °F up to 180°C/356 °F including short term peeks up to + 225 °C/437 °F. The compression set resistance at these high temperatures is superior to other standard rubber materials, but it is limited in low-temperature applications. Function tests show that the FEPM material can give the sealing system considerably longer lifetime compared to standard rubber compounds. This makes the FEPM seat suitable for severe applications where you need a long-lasting performance and a tight shut-off.