RAYS large-sized welded ball valves ready for delivery

21 October 2019

RAYS have successfully completed four pcs of fully-welded ball valves with specifications of 32″ CL600 and 40″ CL600, which had passed various tests and finished painting. They will be delivered to an international customer later this month and put into use within a large-scale natural gas project.

Due to the ball valve adopting a fully-welded structure, the overall leakage point is very little which greatly reduces the risk of leakage. The valve stem is designed to blow out prevention to prevent the valve stem from ejecting from the valve body due to improper operation. Fully-welded ball valve also has a fire and anti-static device. In order to drain the ball valve, the drain valve and vent valve are respectively installed on the valve body. Then the isolation valve or special discharge joint is adopted, which is safer and more reliable.

In conclusion, compared with ordinary ball valves, fully-welded ball valves have higher safety performance.

Fully-welded ball valves can also be equipped with a connecting pad of various drive devices. The driving device includes lever, worm gear, electric, pneumatic, pneumatic-hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, etc.