MOGAS acquires Brenco Group

12 August 2019

MOGAS Industries, Inc. of Houston, Texas, announced that it has completed the acquisition of Brenco Group, an Australian provider of industrial surface coating and engineering processes and aerospace technologies. The purchase will extend MOGAS’ capabilities in surface technologies while strengthening investment in the Australasian markets to serve the needs of customers in the region. Brenco Group will now be referred to as Brenco, a division of MOGAS. 

“This acquisition allows MOGAS to bring the next generation of patented laser cladding technology in-house. It also allows MOGAS to expand its advanced coating, welding, cladding, and material testing technologies to serve a range of customers in the region, especially those in autoclave, mining, minerals processing, oil & gas and aerospace industries,” said Matt Mogas, President and CEO at MOGAS Industries.

“The sale of the company to MOGAS Industries is a natural fit due to Brenco’s long-standing relationship with MOGAS. The two companies share a common vision, and with MOGAS’ strong marketing, engineering, and financial capabilities, Brenco will be better positioned for growth,” said Quyen Tran, Director at Brenco.