Thomson MLA series hybrid stepper motor actuators

11 July 2019

Introduced by Thomson Industries and available with full support from its UK distribution partner Heason Technology, the new MLA series stepper motor driven lead screw actuator features integral anti-rotation guidance and has been designed as a compelling solution for shorter stroke linear positioning tasks.

Typical stepper motor driven positioning mechanics, including stepper actuators, drive a lead screw that translates the motor’s rotary motion into linear motion and force by way of a captive nut. This requires additional support components and an external anti-rotational device for the nut. Whilst some machine designers might choose complete position stages that have these features built-in, or design their own anti-rotational mechanics, space restricted and especially shorter travel linear axes often require custom made mechanics which add unwanted length through bearing blocks and couplings.

As an all-in-one positioning component, the MLA series can be easily integrated into such automation tasks, reducing space and minimizing the design and assembly requirements. This way Heason Technology’s customers can simply specify load, stroke length and end mounting details for each axis from a comprehensive range of options, then the complete actuator set is delivered and ready for installation.

The MLA design includes an aluminium cover tube with moulded splines in which the nut is locked through integrated low-friction bushings that additionally enable the actuator rod to withstand small radial and moment loads.

The range is available with NEMA type micro-stepping motors, with frame sizes from 8 through 23 in single and double stack power ratings. The range covers maximum stroke lengths of up to approximately 38 mm for the smaller motors and 63.5 mm for the larger motors. Both precision and standard grade lead screws can be ordered with positioning accuracy of 250 microns/300 mm and 125 microns/300 mm respectively.