Carte Dozio, Cortec presents VpCI Technology

28 June 2017

Carte Dozio and Cortec® have presented latest corrosion preservation solutions at IVS, Industrial Valves Summit. Cortec has positioned VpCI® technology as the optimum solution for corrosion protection.

Corrosion is a large, persistent problem for valve manufacturers and their customers. If valves reach the end user in a corroded condition, the result is customer dissatisfaction and added costs for rust claims and interrupted schedules. Valve manufacturers and users worldwide are increasingly finding the value of valve preservation centered on vapor corrosion inhibitor (VpCI) technology.

VpCI®s have a unique advantage over traditional corrosion inhibitors and rust preventatives because they do not need to be applied directly to the surfaces they protect. They are able to vaporize from a source material, disperse throughout an enclosed space, and condense on metal surfaces, even in intricate, hard-to-reach areas.

This is an important solution to the problem of complex valve geometry, as it removes the challenge of thoroughly applying a corrosion inhibitor to all metal surfaces inside the valve.