New quarter-turn actuator series PSQ-S introduced

16 December 2016

PS Automation has developed a quarter-turn actuator with more power and shorter operating times that is able to integrate facilities by fieldbus or mobile devices by WLAN.

A prototype of the new PSQ-S was presented for the first time at the Valve World Expo 2016 in Düsseldorf. PS Automation plans a launch by the end of 2017 for the small series with up to 200 Nm.

The PSQ-S convinces by its compact design as it doesn’t need any additional external housings. Even optional components like local control or power failure backup PSCP, which drives the actuator in a pre-configured position in case of power loss, no longer need a separate housing. For an energy-efficient and gentle operation the actuator has an optimized gearbox with speed-variable brushless DC motor. At the heart of the integrated BLDC actuator control is an efficient 32 Bit ARM microcontroller which controls the whole actuator, collects operating data, and identifies problems during operation.

The actuator has three multi-voltage binary input ports which are programmable for various functions, like 3-point-control or to drive the valve in a predefined position. For modulating operation there are two galvanically isolated input ports available for analog setpoint 0(4)-20 mA / 0(2)-10 V and a position feedback 0(4)-20 mA / 0(2)-10 V.