Serbian Termovent SC invests in machining technology

21 September 2016

The Serbian valve manufacturer TERMOVENT SC Temerin has continued its investment in machine technology with the purchase of a new Trevisan machining tool. The DS600-200C model combines the advantages offered by stationary-part machining with those of rotating-part machining and is anticipated to allow Termovent SC to reduce cycle times, eliminate changeover time and increase quality whilst reducing material handling times and part processing, according to Mr Aleksandar Crnogorac, the Managing Director at the Serbian supplier. “As production and quality requirements become more demanding we continue to work on our long-term investment strategy to increase our competitiveness in both the European and global markets. We look forward to reaping the benefits of this investment in machining capability, and, along with our existing foundry at Bačka Topola we anticipate to offer even greater service and reduced lead times to our customers.”