Actuators connect two continents

09 March 2012

Over one hundred AUMA explosion proof actuators with control units and gearboxes have been delivered to a strategically important pipeline which imports gas from Russia into the Czech Republic. The Gazelle pipeline follows an existing path starting at Brandov in Hora Sv Kateřiny on the Czech Republic's North-Western border of Germany.
Net4gas, an independent natural gas transporter, began construction of the 169km pipeline in 2010. With a diameter of 56in and a transmission capacity of 30-33bcm/y, the substantial pipe system represents an investment of EUR400m. The project is part of an EU initiative to ensure the future safety and reliability of energy supplies to the Czech Republic.
The actuator order is significant for AUMA not only due to the size of the contract: it is the first installation in the Czech Republic of AUMATIC control units and it is AUMA’s first petro-chem sector fieldbus installation  in the country using the Profibus DP-V0 protocol.
AUMA reports that the latest contract, which is managed by RWE – a subsidiary of Net4gas, reinforces its oil and gas industry credentials that have been gained over the last thirty years supplying customers including ExxonMobil.