Foundation SIF paper

06 November 2008

The Fieldbus Foundation has released a new white paper on Foundation Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF). Authored by the ARC Advisory Group, the paper describes the implications of Foundation SIF technology for the global plant safety system market and end users. According to the ARC document, entitled “Foundation Fieldbus Safety Instrumented Functions Forge the Future of Process Safety”, successful beta testing of Foundation SIF means big changes in the way automation end users will approach Safety Instrumented System implementations in process industry plants. In the new white paper, Larry O'Brien, research director - process automation at ARC Advisory Group, describes how Foundation SIF is a critical part of the Foundation fieldbus automation infrastructure. Foundation fieldbus, with its distributed function blocks and open communications protocol, is a suitable platform for advancing standards-based solutions for plant SIFs. The white paper reviews the history and development path of Foundation SIF technology, and provides insights into topics such as: SIF product registration, conformance to international standards, diagnostics functions and benefits, and future challenges. It also outlines key advantages of Foundation SIF at the safety system layer.