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Enhanced functionality for Rotork CMA boosts electric process valve control

Rotork 2.63F

The innovative CMA process control actuator can now be specified with increased functionality encompassing local controls, LCD positional display and programmable fail-to-position performance.

Rotork has announced an extensive advancement of CMA electric actuation technology for the operation of process control valves, introducing new options to meet evolving customer and market requirements. With the latest developments, the innovative CMA design can now be specified with increased functionality encompassing local controls, LCD positional display and programmable fail-to-position performance.

 Designed for quarter-turn, rotary or linear operation, robust Rotork CMA actuators perform numerous process control valve, metering pump and damper applications demanding precise position control and continuous modulation. Single-phase or DC electrical power is all that is required for simplified installation and control valve actuation. Explosionproof certification to international standards is available for hazardous area applications.

Local controls now offer manual operation at the valve, combined with a vivid LCD display of valve position which also incorporates critical and non-critical fault symbols. Control selection knobs enable selection of Local, Stop or Remote operation and Open or Close input commands in the Local control mode. Each mode can be locked in place to prevent unauthorised operation. The LCD display shows the valve position as a precise percentage of total valve travel.

For fail-to-position performance, a reserve power pack provides the actuator with the ability to perform a predetermined action on power failure. The power pack also preserves position indication on the LCD display during power failure. Upon restoration of mains power, the power pack is swiftly recharged to ensure continued fail-to-position functionality. Action on power loss is easily configured with the standard CMA HMI interface as part of the user-friendly actuator set-up menu, utilising a 6-segment LCD display and push button configuration.

The maintenance-free CMA drive train, environmentally protected to IP67 and permanently lubricated for operation in sub-zero temperatures as standard, can be mounted in any orientation. Accepting an industry-standard 4-20mA control signal, the CMA provides accurate, repeatable and backlash-free positional control. Resolution is 0.2% on linear and quarter-turn applications, 2 degrees on the multi-turn models. All CMA actuators have output speeds that are adjustable down to 50% of full speed in 10% increments and manual operation is provided as standard. Network compatibility encompasses Rotork Pakscan, HART®, Profibus®, Modbus®, DeviceNet® and Foundation Fieldbus®.

The latest CMA developments follow other recent refinements including upgraded electronics, HMI enhancements and a user selectable increased seating torque/thrust option, enabling a more tailored and cost-effective sizing regime to be applied to the combination of modulating and tight seating demands often found in control valve applications. A new rotary model size has also been introduced.

The combination of all these improvements represents a comprehensive advancement of CMA actuator technology and functionality, focussed on precise process valve control, system simplification and reduced maintenance. In addition to traditional control valves, successful CMA applications include choke valves on shale gas installations, stroke adjusters on metering pumps, precision metering on chemical dosing and the operation of dampers.

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Third generation Skilmatic delivers smarter failsafe actuation

The Rotork Skilmatic SI self-contained electro-hydraulic valve actuator combines all-electric simplicity with the precision of hydraulic actuation and the reliability of mechanical failsafe operation. Typical applications for Skilmatic actuators include functional safety related Emergency Shutdown (ESD) and Remotely Operated Shutoff Valve (ROSoV) duties.

Rotork 2.63F

Rotork 3rd Generation SI self-contained electro-hydraulic valve actuator

Skilmatic’s advanced control and monitoring system has now been further developed with the introduction of the 3rd Generation, incorporating proven Rotork IQ3 intelligent electric actuator technology. Communication and data logging capabilities have been increased in response to end users’ desire to access more valve related data, both in the field and in the control room.

The 3rd Generation of the SI actuator will consist of four models with multiple actuator sizes known as SI³-1, SI³-2, SI³-3 and SI³-4, enabling Rotork to offer quarter-turn failsafe actuation from 65Nm up to 600,000Nm for functional safety applications. As part of the development Rotork has enhanced the range by introducing the new SI³-3 standard range of spring return actuators with a torque range of 2,000Nm to 20,000Nm. This new range offers a wide choice of operating speeds, additional ESD options with single or dual inputs and enhancements to partial stroking to meet a wide range of applications.

Skilmatic SI 3rd Generation actuators combine established features including non-intrusive setting, performance monitoring and configurable data logging with an extended torque output range, increased functionality and enhanced availability of valve and process data for asset management and data analysis, displayed in a new, large and information-rich format.

Robustly constructed for challenging environments, SI 3rd Generation actuators deliver a highly reliable means of valve management and positioning a valve to a safe condition. Safe valve positioning is selectable for failsafe to open, failsafe to close or lock in position on either loss of power or a range of programmable ESD signal options.

The SI 3rd Generation control module facilitates simple, safe and swift non-intrusive commissioning by means of an intrinsically safe hand held setting tool with infra-red and Bluetooth™ interfaces. Settings including internal hydraulic pressure, position, limits, control, alarm and indication functions can be accessed and adjusted using user-friendly Rotork ‘point and shoot’ menus. Actuator status, control and alarm icons are provided on an advanced new dual-stack toughened glass illuminated display which also gives access to real-time information such as pressure, diagnostics and help screens.

Data from the actuator can be transferred to a PC for storage and analysis by means of Rotork Insight2 software. Offering flexibility of customisation to suit the application, the actuators can be integrated into the majority of digital bus control systems, including Pakscan, Foundation Fieldbus®, DeviceNet®, Profibus®, Modbus® and HART®.

Designed for functional safety applications to SIL2 (1oo1) and SIL3 (1oo2) for use on safety critical applications, the actuators are also offered with enhanced partial stroke testing (PST), enabling valves to be function tested without affecting the process. Performed either locally with the setting tool or remotely from the control room via hardwire or fieldbus communications, PST tests all the final elements (actuator and valve) by measuring the time to move to a set position whilst monitoring the pressure. PST results are recorded by the integral datalogger, shown on the display screen and optionally remotely indicated.

All actuators are available with hazardous area certification encompassing ATEX, INMETRO, IEC, FM, CSA and GOST. The double-sealed electric enclosure is watertight and dustproof in ratings up to IP68 (submersed to a depth of 7 metres for 72 hours). Specifiable for three-phase, single-phase or DC electrical power supplies, the Skilmatic SI3 range delivers a range of rotary torque or linear thrust outputs that are suitable for valves of virtually any size and design.

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