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The December 2020 issue of Valve World contains among other articles:

Cover Story
RPV, the “world’s leading valve stockist”, expands its portfolio
RPV, the “world-leading valve stockist”, has supported their customers globally with Goodwin International dual plate check valve stock from their facility in Suffolk, UK for over 20 years to date. With over 7,000 comprehensive product lines stocked, RPV recently added to this extensive valve stock with a multi-million order of Goodwin’s non-slam axial flow check valve. 

Project report
Green hydrogen in the sunshine
In a symbolic move, US energy company NextEra closed its last coal-fired plant to invest in a green hydrogen facility. Pending approval from state regulators, the facility will be located in Florida and will produce 100 per cent green hydrogen.

Do control valves need to shut off? 
Considering that a control valve is not used to shut-off flow, the leakage characteristic of control valves in the closed condition should be irrelevant for selection as opposed to on/off valves. However, we find elaborate specifications for seat leakage stipulated in most control valve datasheets. In fact, most of the seat leakage standards have been set up originally by control valve industry bodies such as the ISA! 

A review on Joint Industry Program (JIP) 33 - Part 2
This year, IOGP has released JIP 33, a supplementary specification to API 6DSS, subsea pipeline valves. The first part of this article had a review on important JIP33 considerations regarding the design and type of the valves. This section focuses mainly on the material requirements by JIP33 for the subsea valves as well as factory acceptance testing.

Supply chain management
Supply chain management in challenging times
In a world which has become increasingly volatile and unpredictable, supply chain managers need to prepare themselves for potential disruptions, such as severe storms (see above). As there are many (potential) disruptors, it helps to address these in a methodical fashion, for example with an easy 4-step process.

Actuatech manual override actuator
Established in 2001, Actuatech started the production of its pneumatic part-turn actuator with the purpose of servicing valve manufacturing companies and pneumatic flow control specialists. The company states it has focussed on high quality for the export market. “We have built our market share on excellent reputation for quality products and on time service”, says Sales Director Mr. Enrique Gatta.

End-user interview
Understanding the cost of failure
When it comes to maintaining critical equipment, Chemtrade Plant Manager Robert Bishop relies on using modern technologies to determine the cost and impact of failures, a system that works in large and small facilities.

How to craft the perfect resume?
Writing the perfect resume is a challenge, but luckily there’s a winning formula. Remember that your resume should convince the recruiter that you are the best candidate for the role of valve technician.

Asset management
Replace or repair?
The decision to repair or to replace is not an easy one. There are several factors that need to be weighed carefully, especially cost and the availability of valves or spare parts. There are also external factors that need be taken into consideration, such as material and process development.

Compression packing: from natural fibers to hybrid composites
Control of fluid loss is essential to the successful operation of mechanical equipment used in fluid handling. Various sealing methods are utilized to control leakage at shafts, rods, or valve stems and other functional parts of equipment requiring containment of liquids or gases. The oldest and still most common of these sealing devices is compression packing.

AUMA launches new actuators for the oil and gas industry
Which features and functionalities does a modern electric actuator need to meet current and future challenging requirements of oil and gas applications? AUMA has been looking hard at this question and has launched its new TIGRON actuator series. 

Projects and tenders
Valve World receives, reviews and distributes multiple project news and tender updates on a daily basis. This small sample presents a few recent projects that have arrived on our desks.

Electric and pneumatic actuators: comparative characteristics
Pneumatic and electric actuators for pipe valves. It would seem that the differences are obvious and the choice depends only on the availability of a particular type of energy at the facility. However, this would be a superficial view. In addition to the main and obvious differences, there are also less obvious features of using a particular type of actuator. 

Robust LNG plant piping and valve selection
Piping codes and standards for natural gas applications have changed over the years to address (material) challenges. This shows that the Codes and Standards committees together with industry have provided improved codes, standards and methods to engineers involved in LNG plant piping. Further improvements are expected.

Accelerate inspection time of molds and dies
3D- measurement solutions can help foundries accelerate the time required for quality control and maintenance of molds and dies. This leads to production efficiencies and better quality castings.

Top of Mind
Voith Hydro’s mega-butterfly valve 
Recently, Voith Hydro posted on Linked In, mentioning the largest butterfly valve in the world with a diameter of 7.5 meters. Three of these valves were installed in March 2018 for the fourth extension of the Tarbela hydropower plant 4th in Pakistan.