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The August 2019 issue of Valve World contains among other articles:

Cover story
FR Valve’s focus on the shop
FR Valve prides itself on the quality of the engineered ball valves it designs and manufactures. “For  me, it begins and ends with my people on the work floor and the connection between the product and its role in the field,” says Mr Guohong Zhang.

Project Report
Equus: first gas in 2024
The Equus Gas Project, developed by Western Gas, is well underway. The project revolves around the Equus gas and condensate fields—11 in total— located in the Carnarvon basin about 200km northwest of Onslow, Western Australia. First gas is expected in 2024, with a total supply of two trillion cubic feet of gas and 42 million barrels of condensate, or enough to supply two million tons of LNG a year for 20 years.

End User Interview
The value of front-line experience
As Piping Work Process & Practice Expertise Area Leader with Dow Chemical, Mr. Dayong Li’s job brings with it tremendous responsibility for projects and plants in many parts of the world. However, this passionate and dedicated engineer has never forgotten the lessons he learnt as a newly-graduated engineer.

Three ways electrical technology to improve O&G plant performance
Our columnist Azeez Mohammed is the president & CEO for General Electric’s Power Conversion business.

Oil & Gas / Offshore
Assessing offshore valve requirements
Understanding how valve purchase choices are made for offshore installations can help owners reduce costs and also increase supplier revenues and profits, writes Robert McIlvaine.

Oil & Gas / Offshore
Subsea and topside offshore valves: a comparison – Part 2
In this two-part article, Karan Sotoodeh compares and contrasts the valves typically used in subsea and topside offshore applications. The first section in the July Valve World overviewed trends in energy consumption and described common offshore processes. This second section provides extensive detail on the valves themselves.

Oil & Gas / Offshore
Large size/high pressure axial flow valves for pressure protection
Axial flow valves are often used in High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS) and present peculiar design features to suit HIPPS requirements: short stroke, pressure balanced disc and low internal mass to allow the use of compact actuators with fast response times.

Supply Chain
Shift to the digital world
The (near) future of supply chain management is going to shift from the real to the digital world. Optimized planning by the use of predictive modelling ultimately will lead to gaining a competitive edge. This became apparent during Canada’s Supply Chain Management Association’s Annual Conference, writes Stephen Cherlet.

Ready for Export
New valve innovation avoids galvanic corrosion in saline applications
Severn Glocon Group is extending its range of triple offset butterfly valves with a new solution that avoids galvanic corrosion in saline applications, without compromising firesafe capability.

End User Interview
Saudi Aramco SWID: focus on critical valves
In 2014, the Sea Water Injection Department of Saudi Aramco launched a comprehensive maintenance program for critical valves. “The idea behind the program was to invest in various aspects of valve management (identification, maintenance, warehousing) to increase reliability and safety in the company’s operations.”

case study
Check valve highlighted in SpaceX anomaly investigation
Research shows that a check  valve failure may have led to the destruction of a Crew Dragon spacecraft during testing. However, the root cause could have been a nitrogen tetroxide leak.

Oil & Gas / Offshore
Transition to renewables doesn’t rule out offshore O&G interest
Renewed urgency over global warming, combined with faster than expected growth in the renewable energy sector, is forcing the oil and gas giants to rethink their goals and strategy. This transition is far from easy, and for the time being, most companies remain very active in onshore and - especially - offshore exploration and exploitation, reports James Chater

Supply Chain
Improving reliability by leveraging vendor partnerships
In this article, George Buckbee and Cristian Moraes discuss  an approach for plants to develop and leverage strong partnerships with equipment vendors to gain improved equipment performance and reliability.

From destroyer to saviour
"I started my career destroying valves as an operation trainee in offshore oil and gas. Later on, I made the turn from wrecking to saving, starting my own business in training and consultancy. Right now, I have become actively involved, trying to develop actual product solutions to real-life valve-related problems," says Ingolf Holmslet in an exclusive interview with Lucien Joppen.

Market Outlook
Underground gas storage: a Chinese market
A CediGaz report on the status of underground gas storage (UGS) reveals that China’s newfound reliance on a majority-gas energy mix is driving expansion in UGS capacity. China alone accounts for half of the UGS capacity currently under construction, and CediGaz concludes that the country’s efforts to combat their lack of gas storage capacity have revitalized the UGS market.

Meeting Point
Valve World Asia 2019
Valve World Asia will take place on the 28th and 29th of August in Shanghai. More than 150 companies will exhibit at the Expo. At the conference, various speakers from end users and suppliers will update the audience on the latest developments in their field.

Utilization of universal test rigs: a customized evaluation of valve specific properties
Depending on the application, the verification of valve-typical parameters differs. For some applications, experimental testing is needed, whereas for other applications CFD calculations are suitable. This calls for different test environments meeting the specific requirements and standards.