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Anne Cunningham - 10 September 2015

The valve industry might be old, but we still like a good party

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Anne Cunningham is a freelance member of Valve World magazine's editorial team and owner of Cunningham Text & Translation where she works as a text writer, (online) news editor and translator. Raised bilingual, she is experienced in writing about the process industries in both English and Dutch.
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The valve industry is an industry with a very long and rich history. For example, the first valve patent granted in the United States went to James Robinson in 1840 James Robinson in 1840. His gate valve was the beginning of the industry as we know it, but valves actually date back as far as the Roman Empire Roman Empire and while most basic valve designs were conceived during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the first valves as we know can be traced back over 2,000 years. The period from 1850 to 1900 saw the birth of many major iconic companies in the valve industry. Powell, Crane, Lunkenheimer, Walworth, and Jenkins started their empires during this time and all had patents for globe valve designs. Having such a long history also means lots of company anniversaries!

During my time working for Valve World I have seen many press releases with company anniversaries and this year is no different. For example, valve safety interlocking specialist Smith Flow Control (SFC) celebrated its thirtieth anniversary in April this year.

Crane ChemPharma & Energy celebrated its 160-year anniversary during Valve World Americas, last July. “We are very excited this year to commemorate our 160th anniversary during the Valve World Expo, and to have the opportunity to celebrate our history with our customers, colleagues and partners in the industry,” said Juergen Sonderschaefer, Vice President Global Sales for Crane ChemPharma & Energy.

This month, Lined Valve Co. celebrates the 20th anniversary of its founding by Jeff Bowman, P.E., in 1995. Beginning in Beaverton, Oregon, the company moved to Woodland, Washington, and opened a second manufacturing facility in Ocala, Florida. In 1999, Bowman purchased A-C Valve, merging the two companies with A-C Valve doing business as LVC.

End users also have long histories, such as BASF, for example, who is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. Just imagine how many valves they must have purchased throughout the years!

Speaking of numbers, that is another reason for celebration. How many valves have all these companies produced? We may never know, but Master Flo Valve Inc. is celebrating the manufacture of its 100,000th choke valve this month. Founded in 1979, the company’s choke valves, control valves, actuation and flow management solutions can be found in almost every major onshore and offshore oil and gas field around the world, including over 2400 subsea chokes used by more than 75 operators. “The 100,000 choke milestone is a testament to our focus on forming long-term partnerships with our customers, and the expertise of our people—from the technical sales professionals who partner with customers to deliver application-specific solutions, to the Engineers who push our technology to set new industry standards, to the guys on the manufacturing floor who produce the world-class products our customers rely on for their essential flow management,” said Mark McNeill, President of Master Flo.

Reading about all these anniversaries bring several words to mind regarding the valve industry: strong, solid, permanent, and dependable; but also flexible, evolving and maturing. So a shout out from me to all who have something to celebrate this year, congratulations!

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