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How difficult is it to source the right products

Christian Borrmann - 13 May 2015

Clever procurement is a key element for end-users and EPC contractors and there are several ways and tricks to get your companies' name into the experts' minds.

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Mr Christian Borrmann
Christian Borrmann is the Editor-in-Chief of Valve World magazine and is the coordinator for the Valve World Conference in Europe.
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Procurement belongs to the most difficult challenges in the world of the flow control industry. Some people even refer to it as a piece of art. Now, while that may be going a bit too far, it is certainly tricky to find the right balance between cost effective sourcing, what product is needed and where does one get it from.

Procurement and getting on an Approved Manufacturers & Suppliers List from users and EPC contractors is what all valve companies are aiming for. They take up contact with the users/EPC contractors at events, via telephone or via other business relationships, invite them for audits in order to show the strengths of the company and then in the end get on the list. Ok, this is a very, very short version of that process and if you want to learn more about this process and know more details you should check out the series of blogs from Barrie Kirkman. He explains how users and the likes go about procuring from their perspective.

So, what else can be done to bring your name to the attention of the users/EPC contractors, or if you are supplying to valve companies, to them? Well, similar to other industries there is always the option of getting your name into an industry overview. There are publications, websites, etc. which are regularly visited by the above mentioned or if it is a publication, it can be found on people’s desk or they put on their shelves as a reference book. As for the website, I can only recommend you to check out the Buyers Guide as it gives you a quick glance at the companies’ details.

The valve industry has an overview publication too: The Valve World Annual Procurement Report. Each year, we collect and publish detailed company overviews of valve suppliers, actuator manufacturers, and other companies that supply to the flow control industry. The size of the company does not matter: everything can be found from small, over mid-sized to large companies. It also does not matter, whether a company only supplies to a local market or to the whole world – the publication is distributed all around the globe so that your name can literally pop up everywhere.

So next time, when your phone rings or you get an email and you hear somebody from the other side of the world or simply from a company next door, asking you about your products and services, it might have been because of you being part of this year’s Valve World Annual Procurement Report.

You want to receive a copy of the Valve World Annual Procurement Report 2015? Just drop me an email at and I will arrange that you receive a copy.

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