Valve World Asia 2015 Steering Committee Meeting

Going to China for business – Why not combine it with Valve World Asia 2015?

Christian Borrmann - 16 April 2015

Taking a look behind the curtains of the Valve World Asia Conference.

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Mr Christian Borrmann
Christian Borrmann is the Editor-in-Chief of Valve World magazine and is the coordinator for the Valve World Conference in Europe.
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At the end of last month, I travelled to China for business and working for a couple of days in our Chinese office in Shanghai . I really enjoyed especially that last part as working in the office together with my colleagues over there is a different story from whether you are dealing with each other over Skype, phone, e-mail, etc. or whether you are actually there.

Anyway, apart from having a great time with my colleagues, I also helped with the preparations for the Valve World Asia Steering Committee meeting which took place in that week. The Steering Committee (SC) meeting is a key event as it sets the tone for the whole event which will take place on 23 & 24 September 2015 in Suzhou .

The SC is a carefully selected group of end-users and EPCs as well as the sponsors of the event and some independent valve experts. During the meeting, the SC went through the results of the call for papers, and selected the best abstracts with the highest quality and greatest interest to the Asian market area. Similar to the Valve World Americas event, which focuses on the needs of the American market, Valve World Asia focuses on the huge Chinese market as well other Asian markets, such as Japan and Australia, just to name a few examples.

Important topics that pretty quickly became apparent where fugitive emissions, material selection & castings, and control valves. Especially fugitive emissions will play a key role at the coming event and also years ahead as Chinese regulations dictate that these have to be decreased drastically. It will be very interesting how valve suppliers and users will work together to achieve this goal. In order to get the discussion going on this matter, there will be a paper session as well as workshop targeting this topic.

Further, material selection and castings will be featured in a dedicated workshop and also be part of a plenary session. I don’t want to give too much away just yet (the preliminary programme will be out in a couple of weeks) but the keynote will focus on the experiences with materials made in the Norwegian oil & gas sector and then during the workshop, these experiences will then be combined with Asian experiences so that both parties will be able to benefit from each other.

The last key topic of the event is control valves. I remember a couple of years ago at a Valve World Asia event, we covered this topic and honestly it was not well received, since the interest was not really there. However, this time it seems different. I know from my colleagues in Shanghai, that people are looking very curiously into the topic now and would love to learn more. So the SC thought it might be good to include in the programme and see how the audience will react. The presentations that will be held in this session are highly informative and should attract a large group of people.

So going back to the beginning and title of my blog, you are planning on travelling to come to China this year? Why not combine it with a visit to the Valve World Asia 2015 Conference & Expo in Suzhou. Meet end-users, EPCs from all around the world (though with a focus on the Asian region), talk to valve suppliers, and take part in the conference and share your knowledge and experiences with fellow industry experts.

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