Oil and gas experts listening to workshops at the ADIPEC

Embracing sustainability

David Sear - 12 November 2015

The ADIPEC is a super place to hear how the valve and actuator manufacturers are supporting the oil and gas industry.

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There's always a buzz at the ADIPEC show, and the 2015 edition here in Abu Dhabi is no exception. Walking the floor you get a positive vibe from the stand holders, or at least I did from the people I've spoken to since arriving. As one CEO put it, "when oil prices are down, then the Middle East is the one place you can rely on picking up orders. "That's probably no surprise, as this I the easiest - and hence cheapest - place to get oil out of the ground."

Although the hydrocarbon reserves here are huge, to state things mildly, that doesn't mean operators want to see it wasted. Indeed, they seem set on preserving every single drop and making sure their facilities remain efficient as long as possible. During one presentation I sat in on, for example, a speaker from ADNOC discussed the Takreer project, involving the integration of the Rewais refinery with the adjacent petrochemicals facility. This project was all about efficiency and economies of scale, or, as he put it, driving a sustainable future.

His message about the need to think ahead was mirrored by a Total ABK Field Manager in an interview in the Show Daily, who delivered a combined message for safety, sustainability and success. In fact, he discussed how the company was looking to maintain oil production via water and gas injection, but noted that Total ABK was already planning for the transition from producing oil to gas within the coming twenty to twenty five years.

Of course, sustainable plants are only possible if companies have access to reliable hardware, and that has been another key message from many of the exhibitors I've spoken to. So whilst doing the rounds I've picked up some information about the right and the wrong way to avoid pressure surges in pipelines (using valves, of course), about the relative merits of ball valves versus gate valves for various applications and also the potential of fail-safe electric actuators to ensure safety in say tank farms.

As always there's a lot to report on, so watch out for more in upcoming issues of Valve World magazine. In the meantime, if you have any thoughts on how valve and actuator technology can contribute to a sustainable future in the oil and gas sector or indeed in any process industry then I am all ears.

Photo: a lot of focus at the ADIPEC is on training the next generation of oil and gas experts to continue the sustainability drive.

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