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LocPower® is a high-performance Energy Harvesting Control Valve; this valve recovers energy from the fluid pressure drop and converts it into electric energy.

This innovative and proven in use technology can be applied to the industrial market (Oil and Gas, General Industry, Power, Chemical and Petrochemical) and to utilities as well such as Waterworks companies and District Heating companies.

LocPower® represents a green and profitable way to innovate the valve market and industrial plant too harvesting green energy wasted otherwise without any carbon dioxide emission.

The insolvency administrators of Innovative Start-Up Loclain SRL (liquidation company) located and registered in Imola (BO) via Aspromonte 16/A Italy, announce the sale of all the assets of the company via an open call for bid according to the insolvent liquidation procedure established by the court of Bologna and declare to have already received an offer of 900,000.00 (nine hundred thousand) Euros for the whole scope of supply which mainly consists of intellectual properties, software, tax credits, warehouse inventories and material asset (transfer costs, VAT, taxes excluded).

Loclain SRL invites all the possible candidates to make a purchase offer better or equivalent to 900,000.00 Euros within 12 a.m. of the 29 October 2020 via sealed bid. The appropriate form is available at the following website: https://www.intribunale.net/dettaglio-altro/-/mobile/1590/1820/4

The offer shall mention the following sentence “Offerta relativa al compendio di beni di proprietà di Loclain SRL in liquidazione” and it will be addressed to the Insolvency Administrator Dott. Salvatore Catorano located in Piazza dei Martiri 1/2 Bologna. The 10% wire transfer deposit receipt must be attached to the sealed bid as required by the liquidation procedure. The payment shall be done to Monte dei Paschi di Siena SPA IBAN IT75Q0103002400000005595711.

The call for an open auction happens in case one or more offers will be received within the above-mentioned due date in respect of the terms and conditions of the insolvency procedure to assign the company’s assets.
For further details and information do not hesitate to contact Dott.ssa Serena Cedrola (rep. of Loclain SRL) or Dott. Salvatore Catorano (bankruptcy trustee) at the following contacts:

Dott.ssa Serena Cedrola (rep. of Loclain SRL) serena.cedrola@fiscaldrag.it

Dott. Salvatore Catorano (bankruptcy trustee) s.catorano@scr-consulting.it   Phone: +39 0510412213