Valve World 2012

Three Days of Technology Power in Düsseldorf
After three action-packed days, the Valve Word 2012 Expo & Conference came to a close on Thursday, 29 November 2012.
A total of 10,300 trade visitors from more than 50 countries came looking for information on the state-of-the-art in industrial valves, actuators and accessories in the Düsseldorf exhibition halls.
Some 593 international companies from 37 countries presented innovative technologies, components and systems from the industrial valves sector.
And the supporting expert conference was a resounding success, as its approximately 60 lectures and workshops attracted a total of 350 participants. The programme of the 2012 conference was even more closely aligned with the interests and requests of the participants than the previous event.
For a blow-by-blow account of the show, why not check out the photos, videos and quotes posted on our Valve World FaceBook page?
Conference round-ups
During the show, the Valve World editors did their best to capture what was said by both presenters and delegates. Their notes from the various sessions, workshops and lounges have been compiled into two documents, which can be opened as PDFs.
Round-up one: A total of ten pages (pdf), with the following reports. // Overview of the entire show // Socializing and Networking // Workshop 1: Global versus Local // Conference Lounge Sessions // Keynotes presentations (Tue and Thur) // Speakers' Corner //
Round-up two: A total of ten pages (pdf) with the following content: // Keynote presentations (wed) // Workshop 2: Casting quality and global sourcing // Control valve session // Inspection & testing session // Maintenance & repair session // New trends session // Safety & integrity session // Fugitive emissions session // Workshop 3: Solenoid valves // Workshop 4: Run to failure - a viable control valve strategy? // Workshop 5: Isolation valves for water service //
"More than we expected" says Valve World 2012 Conference Chairman
At the end of the Valve World 2012 show, Conference Chairman Mr Saad Mohammed Al-Shiha (Saudi Aramco) reflects on an event that "delivered more than we expected." The new Conference Lounge was an excellent initiative to integrate the conference more into the exhibition, he notes. He also hinted at the creation of a future valve users association, adding that he will definitely be back for the next show, in December 2014.
Horst Egler explains why Crane was keen to acquire Krombach
Horst Egler, Regional Business Manager at Crane, indicates that the acquisition of Krombach has helped gain a bigger market share of the market for DIN valves. He looks at Krombach's strengths in both engineered and standard valves, and confirms plans are underway to develop ball valves for the ANSI market by the middle of 2013.
How to combine a global vision with local values.
During the Valve World 2012 show, Richard Baars (Managing Director - Neway Valves Europe) takes a few minutes to explain why Neway combines a global vison with local values. He further explains why Neway has its own in-house foundry and confirms Neway's standing with leading end users around the globe.
Mr Kim Yong Gu on pinch, dome and control valves
Kim Yong Gu, General Manager, confirms Samsung Control Valve's focus on pinch, dome and control valves for severe service applications, such as mining and cement. He says the company is taking on new staff and investing in new equipment to pursue the company's ambition of becoming the best company in the valve industry.
Sophisticated warehouse delivers fast order fulfilment
Sven Dallau, General Manager at Roestvrij, explains why his company is specialising in stainless steel items, and also why they are stocking some rather expensive alloys as well as the standard grades. A newly appointed warehouse offers faster order fulfilment and he concludes by adding that Roestvrij is determined to grow both in the home country of Holland as well as abroad.
Mr Al-Jumayiah is a mechanical engineer in a gas plant
Khalid Abdullah Al-Jumayiah is a mechanical engineer in one of Saudi Aramco's gas plants, responsible for stationary equipment. He says the Valve World show is a great place to meet peers in the industry and discuss the latest technologies with manufacturers. He says both parties should sit down together to help solve valve issues.
Demand for trunnion mounted and triple offset offerings
As Praveen Arora (Sr General Manager - International Sales Valves) explains, plenty has happened at Larsen & Toubro in recent years. The introduction of trunnion-mounted ball valves as well as triple-offset butterfly valves has boosted the company's global standing. He also mentioned a new facility for the production of high pressure valves for the power industry.
John Bowers on the perils of deals "too good to be true"
James Walkers' John Bowers (Global Marketing & Business Development Manager) discusses concerns about counterfeit parts. They may look the same as an original, but don't have the years of research, built-in engineering or quality control during manufacturing. As the ramifications could be serious, the advice is to purchase direct from the manufacturer or an authorised agent, and be very cautious of deals that seem too good to be true.
Blazenka Matkovic is Brand Manager for valve-maker OMV-Indoil
Blazenka Matkovic, Brand Manager for OMV-Indoil, discusses how the Croatian valve industry nas become stronger since the early 1990s. OMV services sectors such as oil & gas, petrochemicals, chemicals and energy, primarily selling direct to end users. Mrs Matkovic confirms that the recently introduced valve product line for the offshore industry was well received.
Stefano Croci on why Italian metal-workers are world-renowned
Techne Valves & Wellhead Components is based in the North of Italy, an area long recognised as a metal-working centre. According to Stefano Croci, Techne is maintaining this tradition of quality, with valves and components for both low and high pressure application. The recent accreditation to API 6A as well as the acquisition of two five-axes CNC machines underpins this determination to deliver quality.
What's the difference between a choke and a control valve?
Rob Reesink, Sales Director, explains the essential differences between choke valves and control valves, before discussing duxvalves' strengths in this area.
David Dunbar on the acquisition of Tyco Flow Control
David Dunbar, President of Pentair Valves & Controls, provides straight answers when interviewed about the recent acquisition of Tyco Flow Controls. For a background interview, please see:
leaks from new and installed valves can be stopped, says Flexitallic's Rich Davis
Rich Davis (Manager Business Development, Flexitallic) gives some straight answers when asked about on-going fugitive emissions issues. Excellent products have been developed by various manufacturers to cut emissions, he says, but the problem is they are not being utilised. End users need to take more initiative and specifiy proven packings from their valve manufacturers, he comments. He adds that solutions are available for installed valves as well as valves used in high temperature applications. Useful to note: Rich is always available to answer end user questions about cutting leaks.
Ingolf Fra Holmslet's upcoming book could solve your valve problems.
Ingolf Fra Holmslet has to be one of the most colourful characters in the valve industry! Having sold his farm, Ingolf is now devoting more time to his valve training programmes and is currently overseeing the translation of his book on valve maintenance into English. Look out for extracts in future issues of Valve World magazine!
Company will be premium reseller of AS Schneider products, says Christian Gottgens
What exactly is a systems supplier? That was the first point explained by Christian Gottgens, who then confirmed that Gottgens is to be a premium reseller for AS Schneider products. Mr Gottgens will soon be taking over the family business, but assures customers that the changeover will be a seamless one as his father will remain in the background.
"We have a huge breadth of product" says Bifold Group CEO Gary Jacobson
CEO Gary Jacobson: "what sets the Bifold Group apart is that we have a huge breadth of range for our instrumentation products and can offer exceptionally fast configuration times". He also discusses the latest NAMUR products and expects the company to maintain its amazing 50% growth rate.
BSM Valves acquired by Aalberts Industries
Managing Director Peter Besseling confirms that BSM valves has been sold to Aalberts Industries, but adds that the highly respected BSM name will be maintained. He believes that BSM can share technical knowledge wuth new sister companies to boost technical knowledge and so benefit clients. Construction of BSM's new premises in Breda will continue and in the meantime Peter is keeping a close eye on developments in Russia...
VIZA Valves introduces Fast-Track Model
Quality - from design and manufacturing through to testing and after-sales service - is the basis of our business, says VIZA Valves CEO Mr Zong Cheng. In addition to commodity valves, VIZA is increasingy active in the project business, and has created a fast-track model to meet project needs, including engineered products. He concludes by saying that after a couple of flat years, the valve industry seems to be picking up again.
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