Titanium used for implant coatings

10 April 2014

A research group at Uppsala University in Sweden has developed a new responsive coating for implants used in surgery to improve their integration into bone and to prevent rejection.

Neutron scattering experiments have shown that a protein that promotes bone growth binds to this surface and can be released in a controlled way. Read more...

ATI management changes

10 April 2014

Allegheny Technologies Incorporated (ATI) has appointed Mr. John S. Minich as president of the ATI Forged Products business Unit. Mr. Robert S. Wetherbee has been named as president of the ATI Flat Rolled Products business unit. Read more...

Argex wants titanium plant producing by 2015

10 April 2014

The Canadian titanium company, Argex Titanium, would like to begin production from its industrial-sized titanium plant, located in Valleyfield, Quebec, next year. The company is moving ahead with financing discussions, which are currently taking place. Read more...

Japan uses titanium for 3D printing

10 April 2014

It is being reported that the Japanese Government, three major universities and institutes and 27 Japanese companies such as Mitsubishi, Nissan and Panasonic, are working together to develop industrial-grade 3D printers that will use metal for printing. Read more...

White Mountain Titanium okay after earthquake

10 April 2014

Last week, White Mountain Titanium, located in Region lll of northern Chile, experienced an 8.2 magnitude earthquake. However, the company reported that neither their personnel nor their operations on the Cerro Blanco project were affected. Read more...

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