Nickel and its alloys

Engineers and architects are increasingly designing structures and products that satisfy society’s demand for durability, hygiene, energy efficiency, recycleability and sustainability. Life cycle assessments and reliable data on recycle rates for various competing materials have become an integral part of today’s design process no matter what industry you consider. Materials that deliver superior economic and environmental qualities, by definition will not diminish the ability of future generations to satisfy their needs. Therefore these materials stand out as a sustainable choice.

Nickel, long used as an alloying element in thousands of alloys, is produced by a wide range of companies world-wide. It has an excellent track record for providing corrosion resistance, high strength at high temperatures and aesthetic beauty in a wide range of applications. Nickel alloys are used today to provide cleaner and safer transportation, clean food and water, reducing emissions to air and water, more durable products, clean and renewable energy, and efficient shipping and communications. It has become known as an "enviro-metal".

To keep you informed of the unique qualities that nickel and its alloys brings to society, Stainless Steel World is working together with The Nickel Institute ( to bring you the wealth of knowledge that appears on this web site. Additional information and resources can be found at the Nickel Institute web site. Any feedback on these nickel webpages will be highly appreciated. Please send your comments or queries using our comments form.

The following articles offer an introduction to selection criteria, data, properties and application of nickel base alloys and high performance stainless steels. More NiDI technical papers can be found by checking the sections via the left-hand menu.

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We also regularly publish articles on Nickel in the Stainless Steel World magazine like the one below.

A mineral for all seasons

By James Chater and Michael van Wijngaarden

Is the outlook for nickel bullish or bearish? Which applications are likely drive future growth? This survey examines recent trends, compares supply and demand, identifies new and growing applications and describes some of the many ingenious new alloys that have recently been developed for increasingly aggressive environments.

To read the whole article, click here (PDF, 385KB). This article was originally published in the Stainless Steel World May 2006 edition.

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