Virago Valves to represent Franklin in Europe:

15 November 2011

Posted by David Sear

I am always delighted to receive press releases from valve makers, suppliers and distributors.

In these days of economic uncertainty, it’s nice to hear that companies are still willing to invest in product developments, set up representatives, establish service centres abroad, etc.

So for me, these press releases are a clear sign that the flow control industry is very much alive and kicking, driven by professionals with heart for the business.

Recently, for example, I heard from Virago Valves (a member of De Gidts & Feldman Group) that they have gained an exclusive representation for valve manufacturer Franklin Valve (U.S.A.).

What really made me sit up was when I read that Franklin manufacture double block and bleed plug valves.

Now, it is my understanding that the market for such valves is fairly small.

I was therefore very keen to hear more from Virago about how they will promote these devices, and who they see as potential customers.

Fortunately, Virago readily agreed to an interview, and were not even put off when I suggested we record the meeting as well.

So without further ado: please see the video below to hear what Mr Ronald Bakker has to say about Virago, Franklin and of course the possibilities for double block and bleed valves.


Virago to represent Franklin
Ronald Bakker discusses how Virago Valves will represent Franklin Valves in Europe.

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