Large valve contract for Velan

13 October 2011

Velan Inc. has announced that its German sales distribution subsidiary, Velan GmbH, has booked an order of more than USD 20 million to supply valves to a Russian boiler manufacturer for three 660MW units of the Barh supercritical coal-fired power plant in India.
The customer in India is NTPC Ltd (National Thermal Power Corp.). Velan GmbH offers an integrated supply of complete valve packages to European engineering companies and users. This order includes high-pressure gate, globe, and check valves and steam traps manufactured by Velan, as well as safety valves with silencers, control valves, butterfly valves, and actuators manufactured by six other companies in Europe. The Velan valve offering of forged high-pressure valves includes six large 20in motor-operated forged gate valves in F91 material for 2900 special class service. These valves have the Velan patented Ultraflex™ highpressure and high-temperature wedge design and unique one-piece closed-die body forging.
These power plants use super-critical steam generation, whereby water is instantly converted into steam without passing through the boiling phase. Supercritical power plants operate at higher pressures and temperatures to improve efficiency and reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

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