Introducing Alfa Laval ThinkTop® V50 and V70

12 June 2019

Alfa Laval has unveiled a refreshed, rethought version of the Alfa Laval ThinkTop®, the company’s best-selling valve sensing and control unit for hygienic valves used in the dairy, food, beverage, brewery and pharmaceutical industries. The Alfa Laval ThinkTop V50 and V70, the second-generation of premium control units, has been re-engineered to meet customer needs while incorporating the latest advances in technology.

The rethought Alfa Laval ThinkTop for the first time offers customers: fast and intuitive setup and commissioning; enhanced 360° LED visual status indication; a repositioned Gore Vent; a more compact and aesthetic design; burst seat clean functionality; and a QR code for easy online access to support materials and direct support.

The Alfa Laval ThinkTop was launched in 2000 as a technological breakthrough that revolutionized hygienic valve sensing and control technology. Nearly 20 years on, Alfa Laval has now incorporated evolutionary measures to proven workhorse, radically changing its appearance and functionality to meet customers’ changing needs and demanding requirements.

The new Alfa Laval ThinkTop V50 and V70 series cover all valve requirements and are selected based on the number of solenoid valves required. The ThinkTop V50 series matches the requirements of the Alfa Laval DV-ST, butterfly, single seat and double seal valves while the ThinkTop V70 series matches the requirements of all these valves plus Alfa Laval double seat and special valves.

In addition, the new Alfa Laval ThinkTop V50 and V70 meet the protection class IP66, IP67, and IP69K.