Camseal ball valve feature stem position indicator disc

17 May 2019

Conval recently announced that its popular Camseal© metal-seated, forged ball valves feature a new Stem Position Indicator Disc for easy, precise on-site identification and inspection of the open-close status of the valve. This is especially important when adding an actuator to a valve or resetting valve actuation in the field. The high-quality severe service valves are available in ½” through 4” sizes with socket weld, butt weld, and flanged ends, in pressure classes from ASME 900 through 4500.

The new Stem Position Indicator Disc design (patent pending) increases the visibility and accuracy of stem and ball alignment into the valve seat. This is critical in severe applications such as steam where the positive, sustainable shutoff is critical and even slight misalignments will compromise the ball/seat sealing band. This indicator eliminates the need for costly and multiple manufacturing features that have traditionally been used with less accuracy. The indicator is self-securing to the stem; no set screws are required.

Patented, top-entry in-line renewable Camseal ball valves provide significant savings in labor, materials, and downtime. In-line renewability is typically accomplished within 30-minutes in the event of process application abuse. The cartridge is conveniently removed for on-site parts replacement, reassembly, and re-installation. No welding is required, which is especially important with F91 valves.