Bürkert’s modular temperature control platform

06 May 2019

Exact temperature control is a critical factor in many industrial metal and plastic processing sequences. In these scenarios, the requirements regarding temperature control can vary substantially depending on the production conditions. However, what is always required are solutions that guarantee one-hundred-percent repeatability wherever possible to ensure high product quality.

The modular temperature control platform developed by Bürkert Fluid Control Systems, which permits seamless adjustment to suit the most varied processes, was designed precisely with these requirements in mind. It is based on a broad range of electromotive and pneumatic valves as well as various measurement principles, e.g. for coolant flows, air quantities as well as pressure and temperature. Supplied as a custom assembled the complete system, the temperature control can then easily be integrated into the most diverse applications.

Thanks to the modular design, individual valve clusters can easily be realized, as can multi-channel media distribution systems or complete media cabinets – always adapted to meet individual requirements. The user avoids the need to install piping between individual valves and dead spaces are reduced thanks to the compact design. In contrast to discrete assembly solutions, this allows the valve block to be placed close to the tool. Since the very compact design also reduces the heat-radiating surfaces, energy efficiency improves accordingly. The service-friendly structure also makes it easier to replace individual components. Orbital welding seams and high-temperature graphite seals that can also withstand extreme temperature differences guarantee leak-free operation.

The Bürkert Efficient Device Integration Platform can be used to connect the temperature control to all standard bus systems; the wiring complexity is reduced, start-up and parameterization are simple.