SDV cryogenic ball valves for LNG service

03 May 2019

MIR Valve has delivered a new order of Cryogenic SDV Actuated Ball Valves for LNG service for Petronas MLNG Plant, Onshore Malaysia and it is actively pursuing the LNG market in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East regions.

MV3 Cryogenic Side-Entry Ball Valves (SDV) specification are 4"x3”, 6”x4”, 8”x6” CL.300/600, FB, RF; Body: SS, Trim: SS. PCTFE Insert, Lipseals; High-Pressure Gas Testing; Type Acceptance Test; and Fugitive Emission Testing.

In-house Cryogenic testing at -196 deg. C, ball valves were cycled and stroked under pressure measuring leakage rate and torques.