Thermador International renamed as SYVECO

22 April 2019

Thermador International changes its name with the purpose of asserting its added values and commitments towards the customers. Since 2006, it has been distributing Thermador group's products on an international scale, which led naturally to its original name.

What has been offered remains the same: a wide range of valves for industry and articles for heating, sanitary facilities, ventilation, swimming-pools; made available with short-time delivery thanks to the stocks. The notion of customer service is reinforced by a multicultural team for greater proximity with our partners located in Europe, Africa, and the Middle-East.

The customers value the company’s professionalism, reactivity, proximity; they see the product as the ultimate valve and fitting stockist. They appreciate how simple and flowing the customer experience is: with the extensive range, a dedicated contact person, quality, rapidity, and customer follow-up. In conclusion: we're extremely good at Stocking Your Valves in Europe.

That is how SYVECO was born: a shorter, smoother, direct name. It also sounds more human with "CO", which means "together" and underlines the company's human commitment towards more customer satisfaction.

Let it flow is a nod to our business, but also a pledge of ease and simplicity in customer relationship: We are stock; We are service; We are simplicity; We are Syveco, your valve stockist; so let it flow

The core colours of identity remain the same in the new logotype, where the "S" is drawn in relief as a symbol of volume and stock, but also to represent our product range diversity.