RAYS, CAS sign research collaboration agreement

08 April 2019

Valves are an important part of the equipment manufacturing industry. They are indispensable fluid control equipment for pressure-bearing special equipment boilers, pressure vessels and pressure pipes. They are widely applied in: petroleum, chemical, power, long-distance pipelines, shipbuilding, nuclear industry, aerospace, onshore & offshore oil recovery, and other fields.

The Project of Natural Gas Transmission from West to East China is a very large-scale infrastructure for the construction of the country during the tenth five-year period. A large number of LNG terminals are required to be built along the way. The LNG Terminal Phase I Project basically purchases cryogenic valves from foreign manufacturers such as South Korea S&S, American Flowserve, Spain Poyam, British Orton, Italian TAI, etc. Domestic valves are only purchased as spare parts.

In recent years, the country has actively implemented the strategic measures for the localization of major equipment, which has brought a rare opportunity for the development of the valve manufacturing industry.

RAYS Flow control, Inc. (RAYS) and Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) have signed an Industry-University-Research collaboration agreement in March 2019 to implement the national innovation driving strategy.

The agreement will carry out the cooperation around the field of cryogenic valves such as: Research and development of new cryogenic valve materials; Development and application of cryogenic valve technology; and Research on related science and technology projects.

The scientific research results brought by this cooperation will exert significant economic and social benefits and contribute to the development of China’s valve industry.